MuslimBiz Founder's Story

04/21/2024 11:18 AM

From a Dream to My Life's Mission

Early Stirrings of a Dream:

In my early thirties, as I led Erphub, a CRM consulting firm nurtured by the Rebiz group, a spark ignited within me. While grateful for the achievements and freedom granted by this Muslim-owned venture, a longing for something truly mine, a legacy to pass on to my children, began to whisper. Erphub was fulfilling, but the entrepreneurial fire yearned for its own furnace.

Guidance on Mecca's Sacred Soil:

During the 2023 Hajj, my vision crystallized, revealing my Entrepreneurial calling. Amidst its profound spirituality, I made duʿāʾ to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala) for three things: leaving America and relocating to a Muslim country, learning Arabic to comprehend Qur'an without translation, and, an entrepreneurial journey, starting a business of my own.

Finding Purpose in Familiar Ground:

I felt the weight of uncertainty as I contemplated my business path. Ideas flickered like fireflies, but none resonated fully until I acknowledged the value of my expertise in business consulting. Venturing into the unknown felt counterintuitive when my knowledge could fuel success within familiar terrain. After all, I had a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from a top university and over 8 years of business consulting experience helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through system automation, and that experience gave me quite a bit of confidence.

Choosing a Path to Help the Muslims:

While refining my focus, the question of who to serve arose. While the potential of a non-Muslim audience existed, concerns about ethical alignment with their business practices became apparent. More importantly, a deep desire emerged – to share my knowledge and help the Muslim community I belonged to.

A Beacon for Muslim Businesses:

As I was putting a business model together for this new venture, I came to understand that Muslim professionals and businesses were the sector where my efforts could best ignite positive change. Exploring the Muslim business landscape revealed stark realities: a lack of professional polish, limited resources, and a shortage of tailored expertise.

Beyond Comparison, Building Strength:

In the global marketplace, giants like Nike, Amazon and BMW stood tall. Where were the Muslim equivalents? Al Jazeera offered a glimmer, but it also sparked a critical question: could we, the Muslim business community, not achieve more? The landscape was disheartening—scarce, scattered resources confined to specific regions.

MuslimBiz: A Mission, Not Just a Business:

These insights gave rise to a vision: to be the central hub for the success of Muslim businesses and communities, a force guiding them to break free from economic weakness, Insha'Allah. Thus, MuslimBiz was born, not just as a business, but a mission. A platform that helps Muslims start and grow businesses, so they can earn a good income the halal way, Insha'Allah.